Touchable Universe helps people to incorporate a sense of touch into their virtual environments using common and/or low cost equipment.

Winning 'Best Consumer Software' at the 2013 3D Print Show.

Winning the Global Award for Best Consumer Software at the 2013 3D Print Show.

  • If you are a teacher, we can help bring the periodic table to life, demonstrate electrical resistance physically and make it easier to learn language gender cases.
  • If you work in a medical school, we can help with dissection practice – including a natural sense of touch. Or we can help you develop remote surgery and assessment tools.
  • For luxury brands, we offer bespoke solutions – ever wanted to feel a pillow on a website while sitting at home?
  • For game developers, our software provides an opportunity to feel the bump in the road or the recoil of the space lasers.
  • And for the new wave of 3D designer-makers, our global award winning creative software allows you to work with objects on screen as if they were in your hand.

Whatever your needs, our expert team is there to help. Get in touch – we can rock your universe.