Touchable Universe

Touchable Universe selected for the BETT Futures stand

Touchable Universe has been awarded a place in the prestigious Futures stand at BETT 2017.

BETT is the largest education and technology exhibition in the world and, every year, thousands of companies take the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations.

Recognising that the companies have different profiles – Intel and Cisco vie with startups and micro enterprises – the organisers of BETT decided in […]

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More funding for Touchable Universe haptics project from Innovate UK

Innovate UK has awarded a further £385,000 to the Touchable Universe consortia following outstanding success in phase one of IUK’s first ever EdTech competition.

The initial proof of concept funding enabled Touchable Universe to establish whether haptics could be used to improve learning outcomes. The consortia’s technology enables users to touch objects that exist only as digital objects. This means that teachers […]

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Haptics project wins Innovate UK EdTech funding

Innovate UK has awarded the Touchable Universe consortia funding of £80,000 to conduct a proof of concept study on the value of haptics in education.

The award comes as a result of Innovate UK launching its first ever education technology competition. Over 250 companies competed for the grant, which aims to stimulate innovation in education and grow the growing UK EdTech economy.

Touchable Universe was […]

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