Playful designing by Ann Marie Shillito using Anarkik3D Design haptic 3D modelling package to develop concepts for 3D printing.

Hapticated Products:

Anarkik3D Design (Cloud9 + Falcon haptic device)

Winner of the 3DPrintShow’s 2013 Global Award for Best Consumer Software, Anarkik3D Design package is full-featured creative 3D modelling software package incorporating a sense of touch. Born of the experience of making and crafting by hand, it restores the sense of working material even though it exists only in the digital sphere. The result is that artists and designer-makers can explore, mould and think with their thumbs just as they do in the real world.



Superapps – Feel Good Learning


Atomic forces: touchable simulation of the Bohr model of elements.

One of the winners of Innovate UK’s first ever competition for EdTech, and due for launch at BETT in January 2017, Superapps are small, customisable apps that allow a sense of touch to be incorporated into any virtual learning situation. If you have ever felt frustrated because you have to teach something but lack the means to bring it to life, then Superapps are for you.

Atomic forces. Improve your understanding of the periodic table through practical experience of the forces at work. De-construct and combine elements, noting that it is easier to detach electrons from the outer orbital than the middle one (and almost impossible to remove them from the inner one). Watch them re-attach as close to the nucleus as they can. Create your own H2O and add energy to feel what happens as it progresses from ice to water to steam.


Gender in French and Spanish. Our simple practice tool allows students to make sentences using words that are commonly given the wrong gender assignment. Uniquely, magnetic attraction and repellancy have been applied to the words- when students put ‘la’ in front of ‘chien’ it bounces and slides out of the way, while ‘le’ hustles into place.

Touchable Tubular Bells to explore sound: under water they feel and sound different to up a mountain or in Space.

Sound waves:Touchable Tubular Bells to explore sound: under water they feel and sound different than up a mountain or in Space.


Sound waves. Watch, listen and feel what happens to soundwaves as they are played in different atmospheric conditions. On the edge of space, you can hit our tubular bells as hard as you like but they will barely ring. Under water, they barely move but the frequencies travel. Why not slow the sound wave right down and play it back to your hand as a vibration?




Software Development Kit. Our SDK allows software developers to create their own haptic apps in minutes. It exists in two versions:

(a) Professional SDK. The full featured SDK, complete with compiler. Write your own high quality apps and develop your expertise in touch-enabled programming. Thanks to the compiler, you can protect the code and supply it as a simple executable file.

(b) SDK for schools. This is the same SDK, but without the compiler. While you can produce apps of unlimited length and quality, the code will be viewable in the same way that a website’s code is. Use this to develop your coding skills in collaboration with others. Who knows, one day you may get good enough to sell them!