Touchable Universe exists to help clients incorporate a sense of touch into their digital and virtual environments.

As leading-edge experts in the field of haptics, we are working with architects, designers of virtual worlds, teachers, virtual trainers, medical practitioners and luxury brand managers to make digital simulation experiences more authentic than ever before.

If you feel that we could help you too, please do get in touch.


We are always delighted to provide commissioned work, including bespoke apps, specific online simulations and new hardware designs. Thanks to recent development work, our time to delivery is now significantly faster (and consequently much lower cost) than anyone else in the sector, with no trade-off in usability.

Recent commissions include an app allowing students to feel what happens as electricity is passed through a resistor, and we are in discussion with a leading simulation trainer about incorporating the technology into their digital training suite.

Joint research

We are especially keen to (a) embed our technology in 3D virtual environments and (b) develop new forms of hardware to enable even more realistic simulations. If your company has the necessary expertise, we will be pleased to consider joint approaches for mutual benefit.


All of our software can be licenced in white label form. In addition, our SDK can be used by developers to create commercial apps in return for a small licence fee or royalty.


If you are interested in 3D designer-making but don’t have access to a 3D printer, we offer a mail-order service. Simply email your file to us and we will print and return your object to you by post.


We are able to provide training in relation to all of our software, be that masterclasses for Cloud 9, overviews of the SDK or guidance in relation to the Superapps.